ARICHAT: A new gaming and hobby shop is hoping to make its mark in the community.

New business owner Cody Pardy is hoping a recent uptick in demand for board games and other hobby materials will lead to success with his new venture, CP Games, located next to Isle Madame Hardware in Arichat.

“I wanted to open up a business for years and years, honestly ever since I was little,” said Pardy.

“The idea [for the current store] came to me when I had a group of people over and we were playing Magic The Gathering and board games. It became a passion for me and I linked the two together.”

Photo by Jake Boudrot
A few customers took a look around CP Games, a new hobby and gaming shop in Arichat. The business opened over the Canada Day weekend.

Pardy said the idea developed for eight or nine months before he opened his doors on July 1. CP Games sells board games, card games, collectible toys and cards, as well as fishing supplies for the anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

“My idea is to open up a game night, so there will be regular customers for that,” he said. “I’m definitely willing to branch out to lots of different stuff. We have fishing rods and I’m looking to get into more fishing supplies, hunting supplies, and darts supplies and all kinds of stuff from around here.”

He doesn’t have dates set for his proposed game nights but did say he would like to start hosting them within a few weeks.

“We do have a little bit for everybody,” he said. “We have some games for adults and we have lots of toy for kids and any collector, we have lots of stuff for them. We are willing to expand so if there is anything anybody would really like to see, we’re definitely all ears for that.”