Photo by Matt Draper (From the left): Eli Jakeman, Mitch McNutt and Tabatha Banks are seen here taking a look at some of the gear used by Authentic Seacoast during a tour of the brewery and distillery.

GUYSBOROUGH: Visitors to a local brewery had the chance to peek behind the curtain and see how the magic is made.

Photo by Matt Draper
Eli Jakeman and Tabatha Banks received a tour of the Authentic Seacoast Brewery and Distillery from Mitch McNutt on May 6.

Authentic Seacoast Distillery and Brewery opened its doors on May 6 to take part in Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week’s Open Brewery Day. Visitors got the chance to tour the facility and learn how some of the company’s products are made.

Photo by Matt Draper
This is where Authentic Seacoast makes some of its beer and distilled liquor. The facility in Guysborough offered tours as part of Open Brewery Day on May 6.

Authentic Seacoast proprietor Glynn Williams, who was busy making beer during the tours of the local facility, is on the board of the Nova Scotia Craft Brewers Association.

“When we started, there were only four or five of us,” said Williams. “We’ve been making beer here in Guysborough for 12 years. Now there are the big guys plus 35 craft brewers. It’s pretty exciting because craft brewers touch every community in the province, virtually. When the public tastes our beer, they can connect with us they can connect with our story.”

Photo by Matt Draper
Authentic Seacoast proprietor Glynn Williams takes a look at the early stages of one of the company’s beers. Authentic Seacoast offered a tour of its brewery and distillery on May 6 as part of Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week’s Open Brewery Day.

Authentic Seacoast launched its IPA and Maple Ale in Sydney the previous day while other brewers also brought their batches to taste and share. Williams said there are twice as many people working in the craft brewing industry than there are for Molson and Labatt combined.

Photo by Matt Draper
Mitch McNutt served while Tabatha Banks and Eli Jakeman tasted at the Authentic Seacoast Brewery and Distillery.

“I think the other thing is, we make really good beer,” said Williams.

Photo by Matt Draper
John Stapleton poured a glass of Authentic Seacoast’s new Maple Ale.

The Guysborough facility, which also makes distilled liquors, opened last year on June 18.

“At the end of the day, there is a person making this beer and craft brewers love what they do,” he said. “We care passionately for the product that goes out of here. Nothing goes out of here without me tasting it and I am sure that is the case everywhere else.”

Photo by Matt Draper
Authentic Seacoast’s Mitch McNutt pours some of the company’s coffee for visitors.