Carson Jenkins and Mairinn Campbell were two of the headliners of Rock of Ages, the musical presented by Dalbrae Academy at Strathspey Place last Wednesday and Thursday. The pair played Wolfgang Von Colt and Sherrie Christian, two young people falling in love in the 1980s.
Photos by Grant McDaniel
“I Wanna Rock” was one of the tunes sung by Carson Jenkins during Dalbrae Academy’s musical last week. Jenkins played Wolfgang Von Colt, an up-and-coming rocker who gets a gig at The Bourbon Room.
Grace MacDonald played bar owner Dennis Dupree in Dalbrae’s musical.
Anita Bath (Maggie Power) is seen here rallying the troops to take a stand against land developers in Rock of Ages.
Lonny Barnett (Sophie Sawler) served as the narrator of Rock of Ages. She’s seen here watching over action in The Bourbon Room.
Wolfgang Von Colt (Carson Jenkins) rocked out with Arsenal after the band kicked its original lead singer to the curb.
Reporter Constance Sack (Kira van den Heuvel) gets the scoop from rocker Stacee Jaxx (Niall MacIntyre).
The bad boy in Rock of Ages was Stacee Jaxx (Niall MacIntyre), the lead singer of The Bourbon Room’s house band, Arsenal. Jaxx is seen here trying to win the attention of Sherrie Christian (Mairinn Campbell).
Grace MacDonald playfully accepts an Oscar for her performance of Denise Dupree. Cheering her on are Sophie Sawyer (left) and Deidra Fraser.
Hilda Kleinneman (Emily Chisholm) gives an earful to protestor Anita Bath (Maggie Power) during Dalbrae’s version of Rock of Ages, featuring music of the 1980s. The girls are seen here verbally sparring as Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going to Take It” plays.
Emily Chisholm and Will MacEachern played the mother-and-son team of Hilda and Franz Kleinneman, wealthy land developers looking to revamp the Sunset Strip. Their development plans spelled trouble for regulars at The Bourbon Room, the setting for much of the action in Rock of Ages.
Grace MacDonald makes her departure from the Strathspey Place stage during last Wednesday’s performance of Rock of Ages. Her character, Denise Dupree, died at the end of the musical but was still able to flash a peace sign on her way out.
The music of the 1980s was the backdrop to for Dalbrae students like Alexandra Beaton last Wednesday and Thursday.