Dealing with dust clouds

Residents on Grant, Morrison and Mountain Roads in Richmond County, once again, are experiencing clouds of dust this summer.

A clear blue sky changes to brown in a flash while driving on the three roads mentioned. No dust control was applied since early spring on Grant, Morrison and Mountain Roads.

It will soon be mid-July and none of last year’s promised road work is taking place. The three gravel/asphalt pits located on Morrison Road are standing still at this time. When these pits are operating, the dust rises and settles onto our vehicles and homes while the large trucks go streaking from daylight to dark.

The money spent at the gas pumps should be spent on road repairs and dust control measures for the areas, that are for most of the time, over looked by our governing bodies.

The time is due, fix the air dust pollution on the Grant, Morrison and Mountain Roads. Give us dust-free vehicles and homes and to be able to look at a clear blue sky again.


Clarence Landry