Disappointed in artisan market

I felt compelled to pen this letter regarding the new St. Peter’s Artisan Market after discovering that at least two of our community craftspeople were refused the option to display their work.

I fully understand the market board does not want the market to become a yard sale, however, two craftspeople from St. Peter’s were unable to participate despite displaying and selling their creations at markets in Arichat, Halifax and Sydney, with no difficulty.

So if I grow flowers and/or vegetables, or read your fortune from cards that qualifies me as an “artist” who can display, but not if you use purchased components to create art or jewellry?

I sincerely hope the market board will reconsider their criteria. Yes, do not accept flawed items or second-hand items, but why are these local craftspeople deemed good enough to exhibit and sell elsewhere but not in their home town?

Please support and encourage our local crafters and let the public decide what we will or will not purchase.

Make all local crafters welcome, if this market is truly for our community. If not, why bother?


Margaret Morrison

St. Peter’s