East Coast Credit Union closes L’Ardoise branch two days a week

Closing the East Coast Credit Unions’ L’Ardoise branch for two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday may not be cost saving for senior citizen members.

Along with the closure brings unneeded stress to the seniors who rely on the Credit Union’s door to be open when their Old Age Security cheques arrive in their accounts.

Those with no other means of doing their banking transactions will have to wait an additional day if their Old Age Security cheques arrive on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Add another delay of a few extra hours if business has to be done on a Wednesday because the hours on that day have been changed to a 10 a.m. opening time.

It is saddening for us to watch new changes being made and showing so little respect for the people who owned credit unions from day one.

A lot of people may not be aware but when the seniors’ Old Age Security day arrives, the need is there to retrieve their money on the day it arrives.

I’m hoping these few words in this Letter to the Editor will be read by the right person or persons and they reverse the L’Ardoise Credit Union branch days and hours back to it normal operating times to accommodate the seniors in need today.

Clarence Landry