AULD’S COVE: The RCMP is investigating a fatal collision which took place last weekend and closed the Canso Causeway for several hours.

At around 2:49 p.m. on April 1, a collision occurred between a truck and a cyclist at the Auld’s Cove entrance to the Canso Causeway near the Department of Transpiration and Infrastructure Renewal scale house.

The cyclist, a 57-year-old man from Port Hawkesbury, died at the scene. At press time Tuesday morning, the name of the deceased had not been released.

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An RCMP Collision Analyst was called to the scene and police closed Highway 104 between Auld’s Cove and the Port Hastings Rotary for approximately six hours to investigate.

Media relations officer Cpl. Jennifer Clarke said she understands the closure was inconvenient for a lot of people but it was also necessary.

“I realize people were inconvenienced but the evidence that we’re looking for, the evidence we need, is perishable and we’ve really only got one chance to get that evidence,” she said. “Based on the circumstances we had, there was really no way to go around that scene without compromising any evidence that could have been there.”

Clarke said the investigation is ongoing, noting investigators will provide a report to local police.

“It will be a number of months before that’s actually due,” she said.

The Auld’s Cove and Port Hastings fire halls were opened for use as comfort centres.

Daniel MacEachern, chief of the Auld’s Cove Volunteer Fire Department, said their hall was open for around nine hours. He estimated that about 70-90 people came into the hall.

“We found out there were people wanting to get to the hall who were two-to-three kilometres away from us,” he said. “They were too old to make the journey on foot.”

MacEachern said traffic was backed up as far as Havre Boucher.

Jim Cavanaugh, chief of the Port Hastings Volunteer Fire Department, said between 30 and 40 people used the comfort centre set up at their fire hall.

“We had about 15 or 18 that stayed for a couple of hours,” said Cavanaugh. “Everyone was happy as they could be. They were thankful for what was there for them. We got some sandwiches and sweets made and we opened the canteen for the kids. We tried to pass their time as best we could.”