StFX coach Gary Waterman welcomes Josh Felix to the fold.

FALL RIVER: A well-traveled athlete with Isle Madame roots will help beef up the StFX X-Men’s defensive core when the local team returns to the field next fall.

“At first, I was a bit nervous about deciding what school to go to,” said Josh Felix, a linebacker with the Lockview Dragons who recently signed onto play with the X-Men. “I had it narrowed down between StFX and Acadia, but I chose StFX because of the coaches.”

In addition to playing with the Dragons, Felix was part of the U18 Team Nova Scotia squad that participated at the Canada Cup last July. It was with that team that Felix became acquainted with members of the StFX coaching staff.

A visit to the campus and, while there, the opportunity to watch a StFX game was all it to have the linebacker make up his mind.

Felix ought to be a good addition to the X-Men, as he’s captained the Dragons for the last two years and was named Defensive MVP for the provincial football league.

The move to Antigonish will be, in some ways, nothing new for the linebacker, as he’s already done a fair bit of travel. The move will also bring him a little closer to his mother Tammy and dad Cory’s original home.

“My mom’s family is from Arichat, and my dad’s family is from West Arichat,” he said. “I was born in Halifax, and lived in Lower Sackville originally. Since my dad was in the military, he ended up being posted to Quebec for roughly seven years.”

In Quebec, Felix first got into football. Once his family returned to Nova Scotia, he played minor football in Fall River.

“Once I got too old for that, I started playing for my high school team,” he said. “It’ll be a big step [going to AUS] but the level of play there will be excellent. It’ll be a good step for me.”

Felix said the Dragons’ 2017 season was one of their best in recent years, as the squad took third in the competitive Nova Scotia league. The team had a hard-nosed defence that led them to that plateau.

Though it’s the off-season for football, Felix is remaining busy with his final few months in high school. The linebacker is a rock solid 200 lbs right now, but he’s hoping to be 20 lbs heavier by the time he moves to Antigonish.

That means, for Felix, loads of hours in the weight room and high protein meals until next fall.