First cannabis-related ticket handed out in Cape Breton

NYANZA: RCMP are reminding citizens who are transporting cannabis that it needs to remain in a sealed container and out of reach of occupants inside vehicles.

Victoria County RCMP conducting a checkpoint on the Cabot Trail in Nyanza, stopped a vehicle shortly after 11:00 p.m. on October 26, and police determined the driver had cannabis inside the vehicle.

“The Cannabis Control Act requires motorists to transport cannabis in a sealed container and that it be kept in a location where it is out of reach or not accessible to the occupants of the vehicle,” said RCMP Media Relations Officer Cpl. Jennifer Clarke. “These are the same rules in place for transporting liquor.”

RCMP officers searched the vehicle and located cannabis inside of a pill bottle and as a result, served the 64-year-old male driver a summary offence ticket for illegally transporting cannabis in a vehicle, contrary to Section 23 of the Cannabis Control Act.

Clarke advises drivers to keep their cannabis located in the trunk, whether the package has been opened or not.

She also explained that according to the Cannabis Control Act, Canadians are required to keep cannabis in a sealed container, and that “doesn’t have to be the packaging that the cannabis was sold in from the NSLC.”

The driver, who was determined by officers as not being impaired, was issued a ticket for $295, for a first time offence. The maximum penalty under the Cannabis Control Act is $2,000.