1. More, more, MORE online content 

We are thrilled to be able to provide more frequent and timely news updates for our digital audiences through our new web page. We are also excited to be introducing two new forms of content to our websites: Online Exclusive content (online first) and Sponsored/paid Content.

Online exclusive is content that is limited to the website. Whether it is event coverage, opinion pieces, columns or breaking news — we are placing a strong onus on creating content for web readers only.

Sponsored/paid for content is when an industry-leading brand provides top quality content for our readers, which aligned with our newspaper’s overall brand. Clearly defined, rich, paid for content could take the form of Expert Advice; Top themed listicles; DYI projects or an awesome recipe to try out. Users won’t be fooled, as this is no advertorial. Paid content is just as good as our editorial, sometimes better!

2. More photo galleries, more videos, more visual

We take so many photos everywhere we go; now we have the platform to share them all with you. Every time you see a reporter on scene with a camera, make sure to head to The Reporter website to find the resulting photos. We will also be bringing you exclusive video coverage of all the area’s happenings, so even if you can’t be there in person, you can still feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

3. Events Calendar

Stay up-to-date and involved in all the daily happenings in Strait area with our new, easily accessible event calendar and send us your events to add to the calendar to generate more exposure.

4. Responsive across all platforms 

Our new website is responsive across all platforms. That means the user can open the site on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop, and the site will transform its layout depending on the device. Not only that, but we’ve created a mobile specific version of the site that’s optimized for reading news on the go. The mobile version is user friendly, easily navigable and maximized for an intuitive user-experience.

5. Revamped User Experience Design & User Interface Design

User experience’ encompasses all aspects of our reader’s online interactions. Our new website interacts in favour of the user, allowing active engagement with our content and web parts. From suggesting related articles, to only allowing non-intrusive advertising placements, the revamped site is built to leave our users feeling satisfied.

User interface design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the site is easy to access, understand, and use. Our revamped site has a straightforward, concise and simplistic visual layout. The pages are optimized for large visuals, and reflect the long-standing palettes, fonts and brand attributes associated with the paper. The navigation is consistent throughout the website, providing a clear, simple path with minimal clicking.

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