Fleur-de-lis Trail is a sickening nightmare ride of reality

Tourists and traveling motorists are in for a sickening nightmare ride when entering the Fleur-de-lis Trail highway beginning at the St. Peter’s highway garage and motoring as far as Fourchu.

On June 25th, my wife and I took this sickening nightmare road trip starting from the St. Peter’s highway garage to Fourchu. Once we connected to the Grand River highway, our sickening nightmare journey began. A paved road surface under our wheels with countless deep wide pot holes and partly rough asphalt patches placed at some locations.

This condition on the highway starts at Grand River and continues to Framboise.

In Framboise, we encounter a very narrow one-lane temporary bridge with a road condition so bad I had to come to a complete stop in order to enter onto the bridge and repeat my same step while getting back off the bridge at the opposite end.

As we continue the journey traveling the Fleur-de-lis Trail highway of disappointment, some short kilometres ahead we encounter another very narrow one-lane temporary bridge structure which is longer in length then our first bridge we encounter. Once again, I had to make a complete stop and start crossing over at a turtle pace towards the opposite end of the bridge.

When we reached Fourchu, our sickening nightmare became a reality. My wife and I both expressed the same words of thought after reaching the Fourchu boundary line: “I can’t believe the unbelievable highway, dangerously unsafe highway driving of kilometres we have driven through.”

I, for one individual driver, believe large orange coloured signage should be erected at both ends of this section of highway stating: ” Warning: this section of ___ kilometres is an unsafe section of highway, be cautious while traveling through this section of the Fleur-de-lis Trail.”

It is beyond belief that no one in some office across Nova Scotia has the power to say, “This section of the Fleur-de-lis highway has to be repaired to safety standards for the safety of the motoring public.” This section of highway has not deteriorated overnight. It’s been happening for many, many years.

If my Letter to the Editor reaches the eyes of the Minister of Highways, I, Clarence Landry, invite you to get into your own vehicle and tour this section of the Fleur-de-lis Trail. See if you enjoy riding on this dangerously unsafe piece of highway.

For those tax payer residents living on the highway mentioned in this letter, my wife and I both feel your frustration, pain, and vehicle repair cost.

This is a sad but true story, so let us hope that the right wheels will start turning and repair this sickening nightmare Fleur-de-lis Trail of reality soon.

Clarence Landry