Former Waycobah Chief Morley Googoo (centre with traditional head dress) was recently reinstated as Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief.

DARTMOUTH: At the recent Assembly of First Nations (AFN) regional monthly meeting attended by all Mi’kmaq Chiefs in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Morley Googoo’s appointment as AFN Regional Chief was renewed to 2020.

The appointment came as a result of Waycobah Chief Rod Googoo’s motion to review and renew the term.

“Mi’kmaw people have seen substantial movement toward reconciliation initiatives under the regional chief’s leadership and recognition of our people and our cultural values is an integral part of how we see the advancement of our First Nation, Nova Scotia and Canada as a whole.”

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We moved to renew the term in light of Regional Chief’s transformative work in heightening awareness within the general public about Mi’kmaq culture and how we can work together toward reconciliation,” the Waycobah Chief went on.

Chief Norman Bernard of Wagmatcook stated that the Regional Chief received a unanimous endorsement.

“It’s important that the Regional Chief knows we stand behind him and that we recognize his tireless commitment to the position that he holds.”

Regional Chief Googoo commented on his appointment renewal.

“I remain humbled by the chiefs’ confidence in me and I am committed to empowering our people with the positive momentum we have established to date. Building nationhood, showcasing and empowering our Mi’kmaq identity will continue to be my top priority to 2020.”

The Regional Chief will continue in his designated portfolios under AFN, which includes: the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; sports and recreation; language, culture, arts (Canada 150); the youth council; and the AFN Management Committee.