Municipal elections are upon us again.

On October 15, Nova Scotians have an opportunity to choose who will sit on municipal councils and lead their communities.

Municipalities deal with an increasingly complex set of issues from economic development and aging populations to climate change and aging infrastructure. They make important decisions that affect our daily lives and the future health and sustainability of our communities.

Yet voter turnout for municipal elections has been low in recent years. In 2012, only 42.6 per cent of Nova Scotians participated in choosing who would govern their communities.
That’s why we’re working in partnership with the Springtide Collective to promote voting this year. At:, Nova Scotians can easily find out who is running for council, mayor or warden in their areas. They can make a pledge to vote and get reminders and information via e-mail.

People can vote in advance polls or on election day. Some municipalities offer online voting via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

With so many options and guidance, it’s easy to exercise your democratic right to choose your local government. I hope you cast your vote to help ensure healthy, sustainable communities across Nova Scotia.

Zach Churchill
Minister of Municipal Affairs