‘Glamping’ comes to Judique

    Five geodesic domes manufactured by F. Domes in Poland will soon be set up on the Shore Road in Judique, thanks to the efforts o f Scott Archer and his team at Archer’s Edge Luxury Camping Inc.

    JUDIQUE: Folks looking to rest their head in the Judique area will soon have a novel option thanks to the hard work of Scott Archer and his team at Archer’s Edge Luxury Camping Inc.

    Archer is in the process of placing five geodesic domes on his family’s land in the Judique area. The domes will serve as self-contained living units for people looking to enjoy the great outdoors without having to rough it in the traditional sense.

    Glamping is the term people use for the experience. It’s a shorter way of saying glamorous camping.

    “You have the feeling of being in the wilderness and all the luxuries of being in a hotel room,” Archer told The Reporter last Friday.

    “About three years ago, I decided to explore the family property,” he said, noting that his family owns 170 acres in the Shore Road area of Judique. “I remember, as a kid, how beautiful it was, but you don’t appreciate things like that as much as you do later in life.

    “I bought a pop-up trailer, and I spent most of the summer up there by myself. I realized how beautiful it really is. The occasional friend would come up just to see it, and during that time, there were more and more tourists around.”

    At that point, ideas started percolating. Things took another step forward when Archer received an e-mail from a friend detailing her experience in a geo dome. She raved about the glamping experience, and noted that she had to face a year-long wait list before having the chance to partake.

    Currently, the domes are crossing the Atlantic Ocean on boat. They were manufactured by F. Domes in Kołbaskowo, Poland. The five domes are expected to arrive in mid-October, at which point they’ll be set up and furnished on the Shore Road property.

    Part of the funding for the start-up comes from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, which offered a loan of $133,000 for the project. Matching funds came from InRich Community Business Development Corp.

    Photos courtesy of F. Domes
    Archer’s Edge Luxury Camping Inc. is bringing the glamping experience to Inverness County.

    In addition to the development agencies, Archer has a couple of friends who’ve invested in the project with him.

    “Soon as you walk in, there’s a small kitchenette area,” Archer said of what people can expect when walking into one of the domes.

    “They are very open concept. They’re 20-feet in diameter and they have a nice 12-foot ceiling, so it gives a nice open feeling. There’s a panoramic window that’s seven feet high and 10-feet wide. You’ll have an ocean view right from your dome – regardless of which one you’re in.

    “A little farther, you’ll see a queen size bed and a wood stove. The domes will be insulated, and when you walk around the entire bed, there’ll be a small shower/washroom type area.

    “It’s like a free standing hotel room with a kitchenette and a view of the ocean.”

    By November, Archer is hoping to have the geo-domes fully set up. Right now, anyone interested in checking out Archer’s Edge Luxury Camping Inc. can do so by visiting their Facebook page.