Greenwell acknowledged for book on good health

Michelle Greenwell’s My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1 recently won a bronze medal from the Living Now Book Awards.

MABOU: A local health expert has received international acclaim for her work explaining the best ways to achieve good health and wellness.

With her book, My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1, Mabou’s Michelle Greenwell was awarded a bronze medal from the Living Now Book Awards. The awards were chosen for their ability to enrich readers’ lives, provide spiritual inspiration, and promote global sustainability.

“I’ve tried to ground my work in movement,” she said. “I have 11 videos in the book, and I think that was a huge factor. People can watch the videos and get themselves started – that’s my goal.

“When you’re doing movement, you write it down but there are a trillion different interpretations of that. There are tools people can put in their hands today.”

Greenwell said the book is all about bringing self-care into our own hands, and not being responsible to a specialist to make you healthy.

“This book looks at how you stand, how you sit. How do you walk? How do you go up and down the stairs? It might seem like that’s rudimentary, but most people don’t know how to do that – they stand incorrectly, and the stairs are a huge component.

“We assume however we choose to move is correct, and this book shows that it might not be correct.”

Changing little things about one’s posture can help increase energy levels and serve as preventative medicine. Greenwell noted that, in the last few months, she’s been applying her notes on posture to the way she drives. Instead of rolling her spine into the shape of the seat and pitching her head forward, she’s been sitting up straight.

Her energy level has been greatly increased, she said.

She also noted that moving up and down the stairs is something that can be done more efficiently when people use their legs to propel them rather than using their arms to pull on railings.

Greenwell has developed a new story, one aimed at kids, that will teach them about proper movement in dance. She approached some of her younger dancers about what they’d like to see in the book, and Greenwell was happy to incorporate the drawings they offered.

“They’re focused around a fairy,” she said. “Kids love wings, and they love to think of flying – I wanted to be able to bring that in.”

The book is called, When Everything is Right for the Little Fairy.

For those looking interested in taking part in Greenwell’s Tai Chi programs or her dance classes, her corner of the World Wide Web can be found at  Information on where and where she’ll be teaching can be found there.

While on her site, those looking into therapeutic touch might be interested in checking out the work she’d done in that field. She’s created a calendar that outlines therapeutic touch first aid techniques for first aid and self care.

“The whole idea is to get self-care tools into people’s hands,” she said.

People interested in the calendar or any of Greenwell’s programs can contact her at  With that, the practice group for Port Hawkesbury meets at the Evergreen Club on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 5:30 p.m. Free treatments are offered for folks.