If you’ve had a test or procedure in any one of the hospitals or health centres operated by the Nova Scotia Health Authority, chances are that some of the equipment used in your care was purchased by a healthcare foundation.

In the past five years alone, these 41 hospital foundations, have contributed more than $250-million to support patient care, education and research.

On November 27, provincial health care foundations and the Nova Scotia Health Authority are coming together as a collective to raise awareness about the essential work they do to support and enhance the delivery of health care, and to thank the generous volunteers and donors who make that possible.


Thousands of volunteers help support the work of hospital foundations, including about 500 volunteer board members. More 500,000 Nova Scotians have made a donation to a foundation. It’s amazing to think of the power philanthropy has in our local health centres.

The generosity of our communities shines through our foundations, which make a significant contribution to the province’s health system. We would like to take this opportunity to applaud the community’s spirit of giving.

Joe MacDonald

Chair Health Care

Foundation of Nova Scotia