Health Fair this Friday

Jenny Cluett is seen here informing folks about yoga at the first Spring into Self Care Health Fair.

MABOU: The second annual Spring into Self Care Health Fair will take place this Friday at Dalbrae Academy, and co-organizer Michelle Greenwell is hoping locals come out to hear the message of good health.

“Jenny MacKenzie and I ran an event two years ago, and we decided to do a second event based on the good response we got,” Greenwell said. “It’s free, because we want to provide as much opportunity as we can with no barriers.

“We open at 5 p.m. with vendors set up and people having half an hour to walk around. After that, we go to the gym and do the physical aspect. We’ll have nutrition tables set up so people can rejuvenate, we’ll have talks in the library for half an hour at the start, and we’ll have more talks in the library at the end.”

Offering introduction remarks will be Dr. Erin MacKenzie, Dr. Kristen Sutherland, and Breagh Gilllis.

“We start with an open address where we think about the barriers people came in with,” Greenwell said. “We shift the barriers over to vision, and what it is they want at the end of the day.”

The Dalbrae gym promises to be a busy spot, once the intro is done.

“We have an open meditation, and Natascha Polomski will be doing Singing Bowls which sets up a nice frequency for people to open up and change,” Greenwell said.

“That leads into Tai Chi, step dancing, and steppercize which will be the higher end of the exercise in terms of heart rate. We have yoga, and a closing mediation. That’s going to be the physical aspect of what’s going on in the gym.”

The event is sponsored by the Northern Inverness and Central Inverness Community Health Board, Inverness County Recreation, Alexander Doyle Library, and others.

“Further, we have the gift of a newly designed website by Emily Greenwell, who has strived to meet the needs of the community with a blog section, health and wellness calendar, and a directory for people to easily reach the information they are seeking,” Greenwell said.

“For those people who have enjoyed their experience, we are accepting donations to support the Website’s continued life. Please take a look at the new pages at as well as the Facebook page Inverness County Happenings.

“We look forward to seeing anyone interested in meeting the health and wellness community. Please bring a mat, water bottle and running shoes.”

Those attending the health fair would be well advised to ask Greenwell about her most recent literary offerings, related to the topic of health and wellness. In just the last couple of months, she released two books: My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1 and Tea with Intention.

“Qi YINtegration is a program I started three years ago, and it introduces people the subject of muscle testing in order to find out what the body is looking for,” she said. “Instead of thinking I have this pain in my foot, it’s because I rolled my ankle, so I should stop walking. But if you muscle test, you can say, yes, I have a pain in my ankle, and it’s because my posture is out.”

Posture and breathing is a major focus of the book, she noted, and downloadable videos are available.

The Tea with Intention project was undertaken with Natascha Polomski, and the book outlines tea as it relates to the five elements of Chinese medicine.

“The book helps you find out which element the body is having a challenge with and choosing a tea to support it,” Greenwell said. “When you direct the effort, the results are much stronger.”