Health minister’s remarks require clarification

This letter is in regards to the article “Premier calls palliative care shortcomings ‘unacceptable’” in the April 25, 2018 edition of The Reporter.

The Strait Richmond Palliative Care Society wants to ensure that the information circulated remains accurate.

The article mentioned that Honourable Randy Delorey stated during question period that there were two private rooms at the Strait-Richmond Hospital fitted for palliative care. The society wants to clarify that these beds were first fitted for palliative care about 16 years ago by the Strait Richmond Palliative Care Society with donations made to the society by families in memory of their loved ones. These rooms were redecorated again by the society about seven years ago and the society is presently working on updating them again.

These two beds at the Strait-Richmond Hospital are not “dedicated” beds solely to be used for palliative care and are also used for acute care when needed. The society also supports the family palliative care room to help provide more comfort for families.

We are encouraged to see the minister’s indication to the media that these two rooms will be protected and more rooms will be made available.

Terry Boudreau


Strait Richmond

Palliative Care Society