In the past, while taking my holidays, I would make fun of a movie in a running diary. It was a fun and easy way to get a column out, and I think they weren’t entirely hated by you folks.

I stopped in recent years because I got a little bored. I was going to give it another shot this year, but instead, I’m going to try and give a positive spin on a few items I was going to skewer. Let’s begin, shall we?

Logan: I was not pleased walking out of this movie. That isn’t to say it wasn’t good. It was just… off. Following a watching of Cinema Wins (a YouTube channel discussing movies), I realized it was because it was such a depressing movie. It was one hit after another for one of my long-time favourite comic book characters and the ending was… well it was what it should have been but that doesn’t make me happy. In the end, I am happy with the result but still uneasy about sitting through the film… which is a sign of its quality.

There wasn’t a lot of sunshine but it was a really good movie. Perhaps if I wasn’t a fan, it wouldn’t have the same impact and I think this may have been the plan of the director and writer. It can be an action/western for the muggles, and something a bit more like a final goodbye for fans.

Batman Vs. Superman: There aren’t a lot of positives here so this might be brief. If one were to take away the filler – and by filler I mean the repeated dream sequences, and the subplot with Holly Hunter and Lex Luther pulling a con on Batman and Superman, and… well we could be here a while so let’s just finish with those problems – there is a watchable action movie in there.

I liked the look of Batman for probably the first time, there was a solid intro for Wonder Woman, and Jeremy Irons is now my favourite version of Alfred. So yeah, there’s no reason the film shouldn’t exist… I just wish it was about an hour shorter.

Baywatch: Oh doctor… I didn’t see this movie and likely never will. I have nothing against it on a personal level but there was no way this was going to work. Anyway, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are funny and have proven themselves in a few movies. I just don’t think either is capable of carrying an R-rated comedy. If they had dropped the language and gone a bit more self referential, like 21 Jump Street, I think they would have had something. Also the fact Kate Upton was not involved is ridiculous.

As for positivity, I like seeing Hannibal Burris get work and… the beach looked nice.

Riverdale, season 2: Well, the intensity is right up there. The season is two episodes old and there has been at least one murder, and based on the cliffhanger from this week, potentially two more… though I am betting it’s only going to be one. (It’s my own fan theory, which I will keep to myself.) I am not sure what the producers are going for but they definitely took the “Archie but much darker” premise and ran.

While I don’t think relying on Luke Perry’s acting to provide emotional depth is ever a good idea, the young actors know what they are doing and hey, it’s a silly teen soap opera. If you came here looking for Olivier, you came to the wrong chock’lit shop.

I’m done now.