Mollie Fraser looks to score two points for the Hurricane cause.

LOUISDALE: Breton Education Centre got the drop on Cabot high school in the championship game of the first annual Richmond Academy senior girls invitational basketball tournament.

“It was an opportunity to get three extra games in before the Christmas break,” said Darren Campbell, coach of the Hurricane girls, who noted that teams in the Strait Area Basketball League have a short schedule.

“The only way to get more games in – which all teams around here need – is to play exhibition games or in tournaments,” he said.


Richmond was in tough at the event, losing to both Cape Breton Highlands Academy and Breton. However, the local girls did drop Northumberland Regional’s Junior Varsity team 60-30 for their first win of the season.

That win sat the Hurricane in fifth place overall.

“They played very well in that game,” Campbell said of his girls. “It’s good for confidence, and it won’t be our last win of the season. We’re going to get better, and I feel we’re already competitive in the Strait area league.”

Campbell said getting some more court time was a good thing, considering his team is fairly young and still getting its sealegs. He added that he had great help from parents and the school in terms organizing the event.

The SAERC Saints made it to the bronze medal game, where the girls dropped Cape Breton Highlands 63-27.

All games took place last Friday and Saturday at the Richmond Academy gym.