Hydrant examined and operational at Inverary site

BADDECK: A fire hydrant near the Inverary Inn was tested and opened by Village of Baddeck public works employees on July 4.

“We were able to access the hydrant within seven minutes and once opened the hydrant provided a good flow of water. The hydrant is fully operational, which is what our records indicated,” said Brian Morrison, Chair of the Village of Baddeck.

“We are happy that this piece of our infrastructure is working as expected, but we are still left with the issue that our local fire department was unable to use this hydrant at a critical time,” said Morrison.

“That is an issue we intend to address in the coming weeks.”
The village has extended an invitation to meet with the fire department at their convenience.

“We want to make sure the fire department has what they need when faced with a fire,” said Morrison.

In the meantime, the village is continuing to conduct a series of tests on each of their hydrants, speeding up a previously implemented maintenance schedule.

The results of the July 4th test were sent to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board which received a complaint last month that the hydrant did not function during the Inverary Inn fire on June 7.