GUYSBOROUGH: The ice that was scheduled to be installed on December 10 at the Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex is now being put in naturally as a result of a mechanical issue.

Following December’s municipal council meeting, Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts said it’s embarrassing but one of the compressors installed by the contractor was defective. Fortunately, the equipment was fully guaranteed.

“We all know in this day and age you build something of that size, you’re going to have little bumps. Anyways, they’re [now] making ice naturally,” he said. “I think some of the compressors are working, so there’s going to be ice, and my understanding is that, because I was briefed on this late this afternoon that they pretty well have it figured out what’s wrong.”

Pitts said it’ll be a relief once the ice is in and residents will be able to lace-up and go skating.

“Then we’re going to be looking at putting up these outdoor rinks too, I believe there’s one going up in Country Harbour area, right after the New Year,” he said. “Now we’re not doing them in every community, we’ve done them in some communities over the years and there was a lot of pickup on them, and does the end justify the means – sometimes it doesn’t.”