Pictured are students at the former Acadiaville school in West Arichat.

Michel Forgeron, widower of Sabine Mirande, married Marie Lejeune, widow of Emile Poirier, on January 7, 1907, witnesses Jean Baptiste Lejeune and Barbe Forgeron

Joseph Muri, son of Remi Muri and Seraphine Mirande, married Almande Babin, daughter of Benjamin Babin and Sophie Goyeche, on January 8, 1907, witnesses Alfred Babin and Norbert Babin

Joseph Forgeron, son of Felix Forgeron and Virginie Lejeune, married May Fougere, daughter of Laurent Fougere and Catherine Robinson, on February 4, 1907, witnesses Willie Robinson and Marguerite Forgeron, priest L. Gallant

Alfred Coste, son of Jeoffrey Coste and Louise Boudrot, married Sophie Mury, daughter of Laurent Mury and Marie Anne Boudrot, on February 4, 1907, witnesses Albert Wolfe and Maude Mury, priest L. Gallant

Joseph Fougere, son of Pierre Fougere and Catherine Meunier, married Marie Babin, daughter of James Babin and Virginie Roy, on January 14, 1908, witnesses Andre Fougere and Alexandre Forgeron

Pacifique Poirier, son of Hisidore Poirier and Virginie Paon, married Rose Anne Meunier, daughter of the late Joseph Meunier and Charlotte Lejeune, on February 9, 1908, witnesses Hubert Poirier and Brigitte Anne Meunier

Thomas P. Boudrot, son of Melenie Boudrot and Sabine Babin, married Marie Arthance Girroir, daughter of William Girroir and the late Lizer Poirier, on February 9, 1908, witnesses William D. Leblanc and Eva May Babin

Arthur Meunier, son of Joseph Meunier and Marguerite Bonin, married Catherine Cauvin, daughter of Charles Cauvin and Marie Rancon, on August 29, 1908, witnesses Ernest Cauvin and Catherine Josse

Alexandre Dugas, son of Remi Dugas and the late Sabine Boudrot (Port Royal), married Marie Rosa Belle Theriault, daughter of Marin Theriault and the late Marayer Leblanc (Port Royal), on September 14, 1908, witnesses Leo Dugas and Sabine Rose Leblanc

Bennie Poirier, son of Peter Poirier and Seraphine Duyon (Martinique), married Lillie Anne Paon, daughter of Jeoffrey Paon and Elizabeth Beausejour (Martinique), on September 16, 1908, witnesses Dominique Poirier and Jeanne Paon

Alexandre Meunier, son of Joseph Meunier and Marguerite Bonin, married Ida Pompin, daughter of Pierre Pompin and the late Annie Pelhum, married on October 11, 1908, witnesses Joseph Boyer and Sabine Rose Gerard

Simi Marchand, widower of Celina Forgeron (St. Mary’s), and Marie Laronce, widow of Louis Laronce, married on January 7, 1909, witnesses Daniel McDonald and Virgine Boudrot

Jeoffrey Pierre Frank, son of Joseph Frank and Elizabeth Boudrot (St. Mary’s), married Louisa Boudrot, daughter of Placide Boudrot and Victoire Girroir (Port Royal), on January 12, 1909, witnesses Willie Frank and Celina Boudrot

Remi Theriault, son of Laurent Theriault and Marguerite Marchand (Arichat), married Alma Bonin, daughter of Simon Bonin and Adele Morele, on November 3, 1909, witnesses Abraham Lejeune, Charles Theriault and Emilia Bonin

Unless noted otherwise, all marriages were done by Rev. J. Ed. Robitaille.