The main road in West Arichat is pictured at the beginning of the 20th century.

Alexandre Marchand and Marie Jane Boudrot married on January 25, 1904, son of the late Abraham Marchand and Polline Roy, to the daughter of Placide Boudrot and Victoire Girroir, witnesses Ernest Samson and Celina Meunier

Pierre Poirier and Clara Forgeron married on May 8, 1904, son of Pierre Poirier, Henriette Anne Boudrot and Clara Forgeron to the daughter of William Forgeron and Catherine Marchand (Port Royal), witnesses Ernest Samson and Clara Boudrot

Elie Meunier and Sophie Lejeune married on July 19, 1904, widower (D’Escousse), married widow of Firmen Lejeune (Boston), witnesses Jeoffrey Clory and Mrs. Joseph Benoit

Thomas Pate and Melvina Leblanc married on July 25, 1904, son of the late Georges Pate and the late Virginie Landry (Boston), to the daughter of Charles Leblanc and Celeste Theriault, witnesses Jeoffrey Benoit and Laura Forgeron

Joseph Poirier and Clara McDonald married on August 8, 1904, widower of Catherine Couchon, to widow of Robert Capello, witnesses Catherine Boyle and Hubert Samson

Ernest Samson and Marie Kate Meunier married on November 9, 1904, son of Benjamin Samson and Marie Roi, to the daughter of Alexandre Meunier and Louise Leblanc, witnesses Louis Mury and Pierre Boudrot

Henri McNamara and Agnes Bonin married on November 22, 1904, son of John McNamara and Jane Fitsgerald (River Habitants), to the daughter of Simon Bonin and Adele Maurel (Isle Madame), witnesses Joseph B. McNamara and Milie Anne Bonin

Ephrem Gerard and Alvina Meunier married on January 7, 1903, son of Louis Gerard and Sabine Meunier, to the daughter of Joseph Meunier and Marguerite Bonin, witnesses Arthur Meunier and Clara Boudrot

Georges Dore and Alma Fougere married on January 14, 1903, son of Henri Dore and Adel Landry, to the daughter of Pierre Fougere and Catherine Meunier, witnesses Ernest Samson and Virginie Fougere

Simon Marchand and Celina Forgeron married on January 19, 1903, son of the late Charles Marchand and Suzanne Girroir, to the daughter of Edouard Forgeron and Victoire Forgeron, witnesses Jeffrey Frank and Mary Forgeron

Jeoffrey Forgeron and Flora Lejeune married on January 19, 1903, son of Placide Forgeron and Louise Boudrot, to daughter of the late Abraham Lejeune and Marie Dugas, witnesses Abraham Lejeune and Alma Forgeron

Mathien Poitras and Sara Babin married on February 4, 1903, son of Eugene Poitras and Marie Stanley (Mont-Louis, Quebec), to the daughter of Benjamin Babin and Sophie Goyeche, witnesses Alfred Babin and Elisabeth Meunier

Edward Welsh and Sara Drinkwater married on April 20, 1903, widower of Heleine Greencorn (Bassin), to the daughter of the late Edward Drinkwater and Suzanne Josses (Isle Madame), witnesses Annie Georges

Joseph Burke and Marie Alvina Rogers married on August 7, 1903, son of the late William Burke and Elizabeth Benoit (Petit Passage), to the daughter of William Rogers and the late Marie Anne Forest (Petit Passage), witnesses Harry Fougere and Alvina Boudrot

The priest for all marriages was J. Ed. Robitaille