Since this is my first column of the New Year, I figure I might was well tackle as many topics as possible. Here we go.

I stopped drinking after the holidays. (Yay!) Aside from turning my sleep schedule into a less of a schedule and more a game of chance with the odds never in my favour, it also means my anxiety has free reign once again. So… yeah, that’s fun.

Also, during the odd time when I do sleep longer than two hours at a time, I began dreaming again. The other night I dreamed about gorging on Texas barbeque, and while I may not be an expert on dream interpretation, I assume this means I am either lonely or my psyche requires a return to my carnivorous ways.

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Since I have little hope of fixing being lonely, what with the fact I dislike people, stuffing my face with animal by-products might be the way to go. I’ll have to meditate on this.

I was a bit hasty when it came to my favourite movie and television picks for last year. Shortly before Christmas, I watched Rogue 1. While Deadpool far and away remains my favourite movie of the year, Rogue 1 deserves an honourable mention. It was the most enjoyable Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi. Yes, that isn’t exactly a glowing review considering Episodes 1-3 were not the strongest of films, but Rogue 1 worked for me, even without the nostalgia factor.

Speaking of nostalgia, I am going to miss Carrie Fisher. She was the first woman in charge that I remember seeing in a movie.

Anyway, as for my television picks, I also picked up Crave TV for a month so I could watch the latest season of Letterkenny, which debuted on Christmas Day. It was pretty good and I think I would put it on par with Luke Cage as far as my interest goes. It’s funny and very Canadian.

Usually when I call a television show Canadian, I mean it’s low budget and boring. In this case, I simply mean it’s very much a Canadian television show. If you tune in, you’ll see what I mean.

The World Junior Hockey Championship should not be decided by a shoot-out. Look, I know this is going to come off as sour grapes, but no game of that magnitude should end without real hockey. Have shootouts in the round-robin to make sure there is a winner in each game but come play-off time, let the kids play.

Shoot-outs are an exciting novelty but there is no way anyone watching the finals wanted anything less than another period of the same action. I haven’t screamed at the TV like that in years.

Speaking of screaming at the TV, Netflix decided to cycle Friday Night Lights out of the service’s rotation. Naturally this led to me watching the finale of the series again, just to remember how good it was. Initially after a viewing, I wanted more episodes. Not a reboot, but a return to the lives of Eric and Tami Taylor, the main characters in Philadelphia six years after the original show ended. Why not?

Well, I thought to myself, it just wouldn’t be the same. I doubt you could capture all the goodness that was Friday Night Lights again just by changing cities. It’s possible, but I am more than happy with the way things ended for what remains my favourite television show of all time.

I’m done now.