Legion secretary-treasurer Joan Clannon was awarded a Legion Life Membership from Frank Rideout during branch 150’s installation of officers on January 4 in Arichat for her extensive volunteerism with the legion.
Photos by Jake Boudrot
District Commander Ted Martens installed Joan Clannon as branch 150 secretary-treasurer as Deputy District Commander Sylvester MacInnis observes.
Vincent Boudreau Jr. (middle) shakes hands with District Commander Ted Martens (left) after being installed as branch 150 service officer.
Gerry Samson shakes hands with District Commander Ted Martens after being installed as chaplain.
(From the left): Frank Rideout, Douglas MacDonald and Thomas Landry were installed as executive committee members.
(From the left): Eddie Rideout was installed as first vice-president and Jerry Doiron as second vice-president, after being escorted by acting Sergeant-at-Arms and Deputy District Commander Sylvester MacInnis.
Donald Goyetche was installed as branch 150 president.
District Commander and World War II veteran Ted Martens talked about the need to continue working for veterans during the Installation of Officers at Legion Branch 150 in Arichat on January 4.
Legion branch 150 publicity chair Dave Forgeron reads from the comprehensive application for Joan Clannon to be awarded a Legion Life Membership.
In addition to offering a few words about the significance of legions, Eddie Rideout was installed as branch 150 first vice-president.
World War II veteran Alcide Landry took in the installation of officers.
Lieutenant Commander Rochelle Heudes talked about her return to Isle Madame after her service in the military.
Cape Breton-Canso MP Rodger Cuzner emphasized the importance of legions to communities like Isle Madame.