Intermediate A provincials come to Petit de Grat

Photos by Grant McDaniel Red Cap Laurier Fougère came just short of getting the tag on Buc Damian MacInnis.

PETIT DE GRAT: Expect some great baseball to be played this weekend as the Intermediate A Provincials come to Petit de Grat.

“We’ll have seven teams participating, two from the RABA (Richmond Amateur Baseball Association),” said Bruce Joshua, president of the local league. “One is the Red Hawks, which is a combination of the Petit de Grat Red Caps and the Little Anse Hawks. Both are celebrating anniversary years, the 70th for the Red Caps and the 45th for the Hawks. They decided to mark the occasion by participating in provincials together.

“The other team will be the Inverness Athletics, the defending Intermediate A champions. They won it last year on Labour Day weekend, and I’m sure they are seeking to repeat.”

With the local squads will be the Sydney Mines Marlins, the Kennetcook Braves, the Pictou County Albions, the Tri-County Rangers, and the Weymouth Firebirds. With the exception of the Albions, all the teams attending this year had a kick at the can at last year’s provincials. Last year, it was the Pictou County Royals attending instead of the Albions.

The tournament coincides with the anniversary celebration for the Red Caps and Hawks, who are having a weekend of baseball-related events in honour of the milestones for the teams. The anniversary celebrations are one of the reasons the RABA teams pressed to host the event in Petit de Grat.

“We’re thinking there’ll be a lot of fans and youth out to the ball park to watch a high quality of baseball,” said Joshua. “We have a lot of long-time faithful baseball fans as well, and there are going to be some great ball players coming to entertain them for a weekend.”

The opening ceremonies are slated for 7:45 p.m. Friday evening. The Red Hawks are slated for action after the ceremonies.


September 1

2 p.m. Red Hawks vs Sydney Mines

5 p.m. Inverness vs Kennetcook (in Louisdale)

5 p.m. Pictou vs Tri County

7:45 p.m. Opening Ceremonies

8 p.m. Red Hawks vs Weymouth


September 2

9 a.m. Sydney Mines vs Kennetcook

10 a.m. Inverness vs Tri County (in Louisdale)

11:30 a.m. Pictou vs Weymouth

2 p.m. Sixth vs Seventh

4:30 p.m. Fifth vs Fourth

7 p.m. Winner of 2 p.m. game vs third overall


September 3

11:30 a.m. Winner of Sept. 2’s final game vs second overall

2 p.m. Winner of Sept. 2’s second last game vs first overall

4:30 p.m. Championship

* All Games at the Petit de Grat field unless otherwise stated