Inverness Athletics on top of RABA

RICHMOND COUNTY: After a Sunday that saw them beat the Port Hawkesbury Bucs 10-4 in both games of a doubleheader, the Inverness Athletics are the top squad in the Richmond Amateur Baseball Association (RABA).

With a record of 10-2, the Athletics sit atop the heap. Bats have been working wonders for Inverness, as the Route 19ers have connected for 103 runs in their first ten games. That’s more than 20 runs better than the second-best hitting team, the Little Anse Hawks.

In second place is the best defensive team in the league, the Isle Madame Mariners, who’ve only given up 51 runs so far while managing a 8-3 record.

Rounding out the league are the Hawks (6-6), the Petit de Grat Red Caps (4-8), the St. Peter’s Royals, and the Bucs (3-7).

Last Sunday, in addition to the doubleheader between the Bucs and Athletics, the Mariners beat the Red Caps 3-0. Taking the win was Drake Boudreau, and the Mariners’ top hitter was Zack Bond going two-for-two at the plate. The losing pitcher for the Red Caps was Ray Samson, and their top hitter was Logan Clannon who was one-for-two.

In terms of the Bucs and Athletics, Quarrie Gillis got the win in the first game and Peter Clow took the loss. Inverness’ Sandy Sofan went two-for-five with a homer and four RBIs, and Port Hawkesbury’s Kyle MacRae was two-for-three with a dinger and three RBIs.

Game two saw Athletics’ Ryan MacDonell take the win, and Lucien Gerroir pitched for Port Hawkesbury. Inverness’ Justin Bran was four-for-five with a double, triple, and five RBIs.

Damien MacInnis played great for the Bucs, going four-for-five.

On Thursday of last week, the Red Caps scored an 8-7 win over the Mariners.

The Wednesday before that, the Hawks dropped the Bucs 11-9.

Leading with the bats for Little Anse were Tyler Babin, three singles on four at bats with three RBIs; Noah Landry, with four runs; Mitchel Farrell, with three runs; and Brandon Boudreau, driving in four runners on a pair of singles.

Replying for the Bucs were Christian Marchand, going three-for-four with a pair of runs; Kyle Burns, with three RBIs; Greg Rioux, two hits and two runs; and Peter Clow, four RBIs.

On Tuesday of last week, Vince Pottie led the Royals on the mound to drop the Red Caps 3-2. Don Fougere took the loss.

Leading the Royals in terms of hitting was Bill MacNeil, going three-for-four with an RBI. Replying for the Caps was Mark Samson, going one-for-four with two RBIs.

And, last Monday night, the Mariners dropped Little Anse 8-3.

Jimmy Bungay took the win, allowing only five hits, and Ethan Dorey was two-for-four with five RBIs and a homer. Mitchel Farrell took the loss, and Hawk Tyler Babin was three-for-three with an RBI in the losing effort.

Upcoming action includes the following games:

July 18: Bucs at Royals, 6 p.m.

July 19: Hawks at Red Caps, 6 p.m.

July 20: Mariners at Bucs, 6:15 p.m.

July 22: Athletics at Red Caps, 1 p.m. (doubleheader)

July 22: Mariners at Royals, 3 p.m. (doubleheader)

July 23: Bucs at Royals, 6 p.m.

July 25: Mariners at Hawks, 6 p.m.

July 26: Royals at Red Caps, 6:15 p.m.

July 27: Athletics at Mariners, 1 p.m. (doubleheader)