Photos by Grant McDaniel John Joe Gills represented Inverness County at the 44th annual Provincial Volunteer Award Ceremony held in Halifax earlier this month. He’s seen here with Inverness Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie
District 1 and 2 volunteers were given their due last Wednesday at the Port Hood Hall. Pictured here are (back, from left) Deputy Warden Alfred Poirier, Kent Aucoin, and Gerard Chiasson. In front are (from the left): Annie Rose Chiasson, Heather Davis, Lorraine Fraser, and councillor Laurie Cranton. Missing are volunteers René Larade and Chester Muise.
Volunteers from District 3 were given their due credit at Inverness County’s annual volunteer awards. Pictured here are (back, from the left): Katie Benedict, Veronica Halloran, Jamie Campbell, Alice Freeman, Mark Poirier, and councillor Jim Mustard. In the front are (from the left): Colin Ogden, Bonny MacIsaac, Clifton Sangster, and Rose Mary MacDonald.
District 4 volunteers (from the left): Donald Morrison, Carol Shaw and Brent Austen are seen here with Whycocomagh-area councillor John MacLennan during the annual Inverness County volunteer awards. Recognized but not pictured was Eleanor Blue-Morrison.
A number of volunteers from District 5 were given recognition last week at the county’s volunteer dinner. Pictured here are (back from the left): John Joe Gillis, Robert Campbell, and Brian Ingraham. In the front are (from the left): Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie, Cathy Hawley, Willena Campbell, and Meghan Rankin. Missing are Elizabeth Beaton, Kate Beaton, Janice Langille, and Helen MacDonald. Not pictured are Shawn Harrison and Meghan Rankin.
District 6 had a number of people helping their community this year. The volunteers are seen here with their municipal representative at last week’s recognition ceremony. They include (back, from the left): councillor John Dowling, Bill Danberger, Richard Jamieson, Arnold MacLean, Lawrence MacEachern, and Brendan Campbell. In the front are (from the left): Robert MacLellan, Rachael MacGillivray, Marilyn Talbot, Norbert MacLellan, and Vicky MacLellan-Petitpas. Not pictured are Fiona MacDonald, Iris Campbell-MacLean, Stewart MacDonald, and Vivian Wright.