Island Food Network organizer Jody Nelson is seen here during a public information session in Port Hawkesbury on April 6.

PORT HAWKESBURY: Food was the topic of the day at a recent information session.

The Island Food Network hosted a public meeting at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre last week with the aim of spreading the network’s message across Cape Breton. It was the first such meeting taking place in the Strait area, with others set for Inverness and St. Peter’s.

Alicia Lake, member of the Island Food Network and coordinator of the pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-Op, said the meeting went well despite a small turn out.

“The people who were there were really engaged and interested in the concept of having an island wide network a way to connect with other people doing similar work across the island,” said Lake.

Photo by Matt Draper
Alicia Lake, member of the Island Food Network, led the discussion at the network’s “Let’s Talk About Food” meeting in Port Hawkesbury last week.

Some of the topics of discussion included how to keep people engaged in food production, sharing resources, education, nutrition, and how the network could organize workshops focused on such topics.

“The was quite a bit of talk around food security and charitable food systems and how we could be doing a better job of helping people who don’t have access to adequate food,” she said.

“The people in Cape Breton always want to take care of each other, especially through food, but how could we make sure nobody’s left out from that?”

The next meeting is set for Inverness at Mill Road Social Enterprises on April 13, followed by a session in St. Peter’s at the Lion’s Hall on April 26. People can register by e-mailing organizer Jody Nelson at:

“In late May or early June we’ll invite all the people that participated in the community consultations to come together for a meeting,” said Lake.

“From there, we’ll form some action teams.”