Isle Madame Garden Club puts on Spring Plant Sale

The Isle Madame Garden Club will host its second annual Spring Plant Sale on May 19 at the Rocky Bay Irish Club. The sale runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

ROCKY BAY: Claire Doyle and the 33 other members of the Isle Madame Garden Club are looking forward to Saturday, May 19, as they host their second annual Spring Plant Sale at the Rocky Bay Irish Club. The sale runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“There’ll be a wide variety of perennial plants and vegetable seedlings that for sale,” said Doyle, who serves as the treasurer and fundraising chair for the club.

The club formed last year with only eight members. Having a membership four times larger than it started with, Doyle said, makes her and the other members very pleased with how far they’ve come.

The plant sale will be an opportunity for those not acquainted with the club to see what the group is up to. Garden kits for kids will be provided, in order to foster interest among youth. With that, the club has incorporated a few fun things to keep people entertained.

May 19 will mark the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markel, and the Isle Madame Garden Club is marking the occasion.

“Since there will be a royal wedding taking place on the same day at Buckingham Place, we plan to host a royal tea luncheon to celebrate Harry and Meghan’s wedding,” Doyle said, noting the luncheon will cost only $5.

“People can come casual but, if they want, they can come wearing a tiara or crown, a necklace or gloves – anything they want.”

Doyle’s late mother-in-law had a large collection of Royals’ memorabilia, and those items will be on display.

With that, club member Audrey Boudreau will be offering a talk on how to use grow bags for gardening. This approach is an alternative for those unable to use the old fashion pick-and-shovel method.

“She has a wealth of information to share,” Doyle said.

The money raised will be put to good use, Doyle added.

“We usually do one major fundraiser a year,” she said. “We put that money into our general fund to do a few things. We’re planning to go visit some gardens this year, some local and some out of town. We’ll be hosting a flower show and hosting a Christmas craft workshop with some of the funds.”