I’ll kick this off with a dirty big spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Justice League or Thor Ragnarok, and are still hoping to do so with as little knowledge about the movies beforehand, I suggest you stop reading this column. There? No one can complain now, right? Good, let’s get moving.

I saw Justice League two times in its first week of release. Why? Because I really disliked it the first time and I wanted to make sure this remained the case upon multiple viewings. (My opinion on movies changes over time, even a short period of time. I didn’t care for Guardians of the Galaxy the second time around, for instance. It happens sometimes.)

I would also like to point out that I went into the movie hoping it would be good, as I previously mentioned in a column. I loved the Justice League cartoon as a kid, Superman was my favourite superhero until I hit 10 and started liking Batman more, and I am a Joss Whedon fan. I wanted to like this movie… which may have compounded my disappointment. Perhaps if I didn’t want it to be good, it would have been easier to accept the movie’s flaws and just enjoy it.

With that written, on with the column.

My issues with Justice league were many. I thought the movie wasted too much time on people not a part of the Justice League, like Lois and Mrs. Kent. Seriously, a cameo or two is fine. We know the world is in shambles after the last son of Krypton fell to Doomsday in the last movie. There is no need to linger on Lois still trying to accept the loss. We get it. She’s super sad. (See what I did there? I made a horrible pun about grief. I am not a good person.)

I don’t understand DC’s thinking in terms of pacing. When they introduced The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in Batman Vs Superman, there was a solid five to 10 minute scene introducing the characters in cameos, which threw off the flow of Batman Vs Superman and would have been better used in a post credit scene, or left of the cutting room floor.

Now that there is a whole movie about getting these new characters into the Justice League, we don’t spend a whole lot of time learning about the characters. The Flash wants to get his wrongfully convicted dad out of jail, Aquaman doesn’t want to be king of Atlantis, and Cyborg doesn’t like being a cyborg. That’s all I know about those characters, aside from the fact The Flash is socially awkward… which is another thing. Why did they make Ezra Miller come out and say he doesn’t get people when all they had to do is trust the audience would understand this fact through his interactions with the other characters? Show me don’t tell me, right?

All in all, the movie felt like a three hour film cut and pasted to fit just over two hours. My other issues are perhaps a matter of taste but I felt a lot of the jokes fell flat, I felt they had a Wonder Woman solo fight scene strictly to play to the Wonder Woman fans (which I get because it is the only money-making franchise DC has at the moment but still, that was time they could have spent on the characters who haven’t had their own movie yet). I did not care about the villain at all, and I really disliked the Leonard Cohen cover near the beginning of the film. I’m not sure why that mattered to me so much but it really set me off the first time I heard it.

Anyway, those are (some of) my thoughts about Justice League, though I do encourage people to give it a shot themselves. I mean, it was Batman and Superman. There can be a good movie there. Justice League just wasn’t it.

I’m done now.