GUYSBOROUGH: The warden is hopeful a building supplies store will return to the area.

Following last week’s regular monthly meeting of council for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, Warden Vernon Pitts said the loss of the area’s former Central Supplies store on Larry’s River Road had a large impact on local community.

Kent Building Supplies – which owned the store after Steve Smith sold all of the Central Supplies stores to the Kent organization effective December 31, 2016 – closed the store on December 8. One of the store’s four full-time employees was relocated.

“At present, there is nowhere within close proximity to Guysborough, the shiretown, to purchase materials,” Pitts said. “It wasn’t good news for the municipality but Kent is a private enterprise. They do as they see fit and they decided to close.”

Pitts said he is hopeful someone else will move in to fill the void.

“If not, down the road, maybe when some of these projects get off the ground, maybe we’ll see Kent back in the area,” he said.

As for the impact on local contractors, Pitts said he doesn’t think it will be big because a lot of local contractors require large orders.