Liberals fail to protect pensioners

A new Liberal government will assemble a working group of MLAs, senior bureaucrats, and representatives from the community to engage the union and retirees in exploring possible solutions.

This statement was made by Michel P. Samson, Liberal candidate for Cape Breton-Richmond on October 2, 2013, just days before the vote. Because of the time slot, I could not answer, so I believed in him and voted for him.

Now I realize it was a political move to get votes and a typical politician that he is, did what he had to do to get elected, then forget about us.

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Well, my fellow union members and friends, now we can make a difference.

I realize some of us ended up with financial problems, bankruptcy and a change to our so-called “Golden Years,” even plans for our grandchildren were changed. We were deprived of all the above and no one lifted a finger to help.

Paying into a pension for over 30 years then losing 32-41 per cent should not have happened.

Elected officials have a dream pension, most of it paid for by the taxpayers. Had this happened to their pension, what do you think would have happened?

So my friends, we do have a little dignity left, but most of all we have a voice, use it. Be proud of yourselves, and this time, I know where my “X” is not going.

Bobby Joyce