MABOU: On Friday, June 30 at 7:30 p.m. Strathspey Performing Arts Centre will present the “Return of the Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler – Featuring the Cape Breton Fiddlers Association.”

Way back in 1972, Ron MacInnis wrote and narrated a CBC national television program called The Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler as a sort of lament for what he saw as the passing of an era, and specifically the art of traditional Cape Breton fiddling and its associated culture.

Once the lifeblood of any Cape Breton Highland Scot, fiddle music had been supplanted by easy-access modern music on radio and television, and only a few young people had an interest in taking up the art.

The beloved Scottish fiddle music of Cape Breton, at that time, was fading away. The national release of this 1972 television documentary ignited a controversy among the local people who eventually brought the music back to world-class status.

“The Return of the Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler – A Live Revival” will be a celebration of the dramatic, inspirational story of the 40-year volunteer effort that led to the revival of not only a passion for traditional music and culture, but an entirely new ways of thinking. This was an unfolding that appealed not only to older audiences, but attracted, in Cape Breton, the vital interest of young people and ignited a passion for what became a new cultural industry. This cultural industry is loved not only at home but around the world.

This debut event will consist of inter-woven live performances by the world renowned Cape Breton Fiddlers Association, a question and answer segment with Ron MacInnis plus many excerpts from MacInnis’ brand new documentary The Return of the Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler.

Tickets are available on-line at: or by phoning (902) 945-5300.