MacAulay draws national attention

ST. PETER’S: Making a Baseball Nova Scotia provincial team is nothing new for Ellie MacAulay, but the 15-year-old from St. Peter’s has taken things up a notch this summer as she’s playing for two provincial teams and one squad on the national level.

“Last year in Toronto for 16U nationals, I was asked by the coach if I’d like to go to the women’s national team development camp in Cuba, so I took the opportunity,” MacAulay told The Reporter last week.

“I started this year playing in February in Havana, Cuba. We played against Cubans, and it was a cool experience. I got to learn what it’s like to represent Canada in another country. Immediately after the tournament, I was asked by the national coach to be on the national prospect team that competes in the Senior Women’s national tournament in Montreal from July 5–8. If you get onto the final stage, you stay in Montreal until the 13th. That’s when the final team’s picked.”

In addition to being on the prospects team, MacAulay will play for the 16U provincial team (this will be her fourth trip there) and the 21U provincial team (this is her first time playing at that level). The 16Us play their nationals in Bedford from August 23-26, and the 21Us have their nationals in Stonewall, Manitoba, from August 9-12.

MacAulay’s summer schedule is pretty tight. She’ll be traveling to Halifax to practice very regularly, and she’ll also be logging road time for games and tournaments.

“It’s hard to keep up with it all, but it’s something I love to do,” she said.

“Just being on Baseball Canada’s radar is pretty cool. Hopefully, I’ll make the second week in Montreal and get to the women’s national team. You’re competing against women from all across Canada, and some of them are in their 30s. Some of them are double my age, and I could potentially be on the same team with them.

“It’s pretty difficult. There’s a lot of good competition.”

When not at the field, MacAulay can often be found at KinExcel gym in St. Peter’s doing everything she can do to stay in tiptop shape. She can also be found hitting the books at Richmond Education Centre and Academy.