MacLean voted new Richmond warden

Marchand named deputy warden

ARICHAT: The municipality has a new warden and deputy warden after elections for the posts were held tonight.

District 5 councillor and former Deputy Warden Jason MacLean was nominated for warden by district 2 councillor Alvin Martell, while former warden Brian Marchand was nominated by district 4 councillor Gilbert Boucher.

Following a secret ballot vote, MacLean was named warden and when there were no other nominations for deputy warden, Marchand was named to the position.

Although he has been a councillor for two years, MacLean feels he is ready to lead the municipal unit.

“I certainly wouldn’t have accepted if I didn’t think I had something to offer for the position. so I’m happy to be in it,” MacLean said following the regular session of council in Arichat.

“My compliments go to former warden Marchand who did a lot of great work over the past couple of years but I’m looking forward to keep moving on and moving in the right direction.”

For his part, the outgoing warden said he accepted council’s decision, had “no regrets” and “enjoyed” his time in the chair.

“There were some tough times at the beginning, we had some challenges coming out of what we had in previous years and we had some big decisions to make so council got together as a whole and made those decisions,” Marchand stated.

“I’ll try to help in whatever way I can.”

As for priorities and goals in his new position, MacLean pointed to fact the municipality is in the midst of a strategic planning process.

“We just wrapped up a strategic planning process where we got a lot of input from the community so once all of that information is put together, that will really dictate council’s direction for the next four or five years.”