PORT HAWKESBURY: A local college campus is on its way to helping raise money for students.

On October 5, NSCC kicked off its “Make Way – The Campaign” for NSCC fundraising drive, with the goal of raising $25 million for student support in areas such as aid, learning opportunities, instructional equipment, and centres of expertise. The goal for the Strait Area Campus is to raise $450,000, over five years, which will stay in the region.

“We have a strong committee and we’re quite optimistic that we can do that,” said NSCC Strait Campus Principal Tom Gunn.

Photo by Jake Boudrot
On October 5 at the NSCC Strait Area Campus, Becky Langille represented Clearwater, one of the corporate partners in the “Make Way” campaign.

A release from the NSCC stated the NSCC Foundation awarded 1,000 scholarships and bursaries, and helped 850 students through unforeseen circumstances with urgent aid but received 16,000 applications for awards in the same year.

“It’s really a campaign to breakdown financial barriers and make way for students to succeed and to go on and build a career in Nova Scotia,” said Gunn. “The college has already raised $21 million and now they’re going public to raise that remaining $4 million and hopefully break through that target.”

Photo by Jake Boudrot
“Make Way” campaign external chair Bob MacEachern said the event last Thursday at the NSCC Strait Area Campus was held to get the word out about the fundraising initiative.

Gunn said a number of businesses, such as Shannex, Sobeys, Cabot Links, Svitzer, and Clearwater Seafoods have already stepped forward as contributors, as well as the Sisters of St. Martha’s.

“A lot of the staff members at NSCC are chipping in, as well as the student association, so we’re getting support from all different aspects,” said Gunn.

Gunn said the campus has an external committee heading up the campaign. He said they are focused on people who went though NSCC in the past, adding conversations are also taking place between the committee and business leaders in the Strait area. A challenge for students coming to any of the province’s NSCC campuses is the financial challenge, said Gunn.

“It’s really bursaries, it’s food bank for our students and it’s urgent aid to help them in times of crisis so that they cannot have to worry about their finances as much and focus on their academic work and get it done,” he added.

Photo by Jake Boudrot
NSCC Strait Area Campus principal Tom Gunn reads from a list of sponsors in the campaign and others who have generously donated to scholarship programs for students during the launch of the “Make Way” campaign last Thursday in Port Hawkesbury.