Mayor wants more collaboration from next federal government

PORT HAWKESBURY: Following the upcoming federal election, the Mayor of Port Hawkesbury says she’s hoping to establish a more collaborative relationship with whomever forms the next government.

Brenda Chisholm-Beaton indicated town officials typically hear about different kinds of issues their residents face, but many of those issues are beyond their ability to resolve.

Following October’s regular town council meeting on October 1, Chisholm-Beaton told reporters that strong lines of communication between municipal and federal officials are important.

“I would like to see a stronger partnership, I would like to see more collaboration and cooperation between all three tiers of government,” she said. “I really feel like there is a win-win-win to be had [if we determine] who can take these challenges and turn them into opportunities.”

Chisholm-Beaton suggested we have the opportunity to collaborate together to do something meaningful that will move the needle, and position the island for growth and prosperity.

“We need to have a space for that – we need to have a space where we can have those conversations and come up with the solutions that are needed.”

Chisholm-Beaton said she hopes whoever forms the next government will continue to be a strong partner for the town.