Midget A Pirates win league championship

The Strait-Richmond Midget A Pirates are the Cape Breton League champions after defeating Glace Bay 4-1 in Dominion on March 5.

STRAIT AREA: The Midget A Pirates will be busy for the foreseeable future but, even if their season ended today, the squad would be stowing away their gear on a high note.

“We played Glace Bay for the league championship,” said coach Leon Burt, referencing a March 5 showdown for the Cape Breton Midget A League Championship.

“It was tight all the way through the season with them. Our record was 2-2-2 against them all year, and we ended up pulling it off with a 4-1 victory in the championship game.


“We get to move on to play Pictou on Saturday, March 24, at 5 p.m. in Richmond. That’s for the North Conference championship and to move onto the Day of Champions.”

Burt, like the team, was very pleased to see the banner come home to Strait-Richmond. He said that several Pirates were serving double duty this season, as some players were also lacing up with teams from the Cape Breton West High School Hockey League.

He said they showed great dedication to playing both minor hockey and high school. That same dedication was evident in the parents who helped support the team.

“We had a great year,” he said, noting the squad was 15-3-3 in league play.

“Our captain Chris Benoit has been a team leader all year, and Thomas MacNeil has been a team leader as well. Our two goaltenders have played solid all year for us. We’re doing really well in that department, and our defense has been solid too.”

In addition to the upcoming qualifier game against Pictou, the Midget As will be busy next weekend when hosting its section of the Port Hawkesbury Paper Minor Hockey Tournament at the Richmond Arena.