HALIFAX: The minister of transportation promised to investigate a problem experienced by some homeowners along Chapel Cove Road.

On October 3 in the Nova Scotia Legislature, Cape Breton-Richmond MLA Alana Paon asked the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Lloyd Hines, why the department did not replace collapsed culverts while performing ditching and paving of the Richmond County road.

“This road, like so many in Cape Breton, has been unsightly and dangerous to motorists for many, many years and now, despite some improvements from the department,” Paon told the house. “Collapsed and blocked culverts are not being replaced in the process of new ditching. It doesn’t take an engineer to know that a new ditch is only good if the water has somewhere to go. Constituents are now worried as well about well damage and related problems from the water flow.”

Hines, also the Liberal MLA for Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie, promised to look into the situation to see if those problems can be repaired.

In her supplemental question, the Progressive Conservative MLA asked if the “corners cut” for the project along Chapel Cove Road will be cut for other projects.

“I’m sure the minister will agree that a job worth doing is worth doing correctly, not to mention on budget,” Paon stated.

“It concerns me, and those in L’Ardoise, that maintenance work on the Chapel Cove Road could end up costing everyone more in the long run because of cutting corners. It also causes me to wonder whether other local maintenance like the Lennox Passage Bridge repairs promised by next summer could have similar issues.”

Hines responded that he is proud of the work done by DTIR employees across the province and in Cape Breton-Richmond.

“I’m very proud to rise today and compliment the over 2,200 workers that we have across the province who do an absolutely exemplary job of disbursing and dispatching the budgets that we give them to get the job done,” Hines told the house. “They do a fabulous job. Their heart is in what they do. At all times, they’re trying to do the best job that they can, particularly the workers who are in the area that the member represents.”