HALIFAX: Cape Breton-Richmond MLA Michel P. Samson is pleased with the amount of road work that has taken place in the constituency this summer.

“We have major capital projects taking place in various parts of our constituency. This is vital to growing our economy and tourism industry,” Samson said.

Projects underway include $1,090,000 for paving along seven kilometres of Route 327 on the Grand Mira North road in the eastern part of the constituency in Cape Breton County.

“This is the road that provides access to the Two Rivers Wildlife Park, a great place for children to visit the wildlife and for families to camp,” Samson said.


Also this year will see the final phase of rebuilding Route 4 from St. Peter’s to Sydney. The tender will see road work from 1.8 kilometres west of Corbett’s Cove road to the canal bridge in St. Peter’s. This 6.2 kilometre tender was awarded for approximately $5.7 million.

“Seeing the completion of Route 4 along with the $10 million project for the new two-lane bridge over St. Peter’s Canal represents major investments in our constituency. This will certainly encourage more visitors to Cape Breton Island to travel through our area and visit our many businesses and attractions,” Samson said.


The final project is a tender awarded for $3.4 million for over 15 kilometres of paving on Isle Madame.

In Petit de Grat, the project includes all main roads, including the Stretch to Boudreauville, Alderney Point and Little Anse, as well as Joshua Road, Fougere Point Road, Old Ferry Road, Benoit Lane, Lundrigan Lane, Landry’s Lane, Boudreau’s Lane, and Ben Boudreau Lane.

In West Arichat, the Cove Road, Bosdets Point Road, Goyons Road, and the Lower Road are all among the roads that will see work.


The project in Pondville involves Pondville North Road, which is the main road to Pondville Provincial Beach.

“This represents close to $10 million of paving in Cape Breton-Richmond this year. There are many more roads that must be addressed and I look forward to announcing the work that will take place in 2017,” Samson added.