Moments of Claity: If only this was a game

In video gaming, as in real life, there are a few rules of etiquette those of us with a certain amount of sophistication (age) tend to follow.

 Don’t modify your controller so as to give you an advantage. Don’t quit in the middle of a match just because you are losing. Don’t camp, the art of sitting in a corner and shooting anyone who walks by. Don’t use the anonymity of on-line gaming to become a tougher-than-tough racist, misogynist and every other lousy “ist” there is.

 What brings this up? Sometimes, I do a little bit of thinking on the drive from Antigonish to Port Hawkesbury, and during one of those drives, it struck me how much Donald Trump is like one of those habitually annoying on-line gamers I run into from time-to-time.

  Basically, the American president is a 12-year-old with a new gaming system and a grudge. A bunch of people told him he would never get the gaming system because he wasn’t an already established gamer (or possibly just because they didn’t want to play with him) and he went ahead and used his considerable wealth to get one anyway. But is he happy enough to just enjoy his seat at the gaming table? Nope. He wants to ruin the experience for everyone else. He’s going to kill people on his own team and then blame someone else. When he loses, it’s going to be because his controller doesn’t work. He’ll call other people cheaters just because they are better than him. He’s going to file meaningless complaints against others because they don’t find his particular brand of “humour” funny. He’ll get mad and send lewd messages at female gamers who stop speaking to him after he says something horrible. Essentially, he’s going to do whatever he can to make sure people notice him.

 The only problem with this is, of course, the fact Trump isn’t a teenage videogamer. If he were, we could just take away his video game. Sadly, he’s a grown man with a vendetta against liberals, the political elite, women, the poor, and, apparently, good taste. Also, and this is the big part, he was elected to one of the highest political seats in the world. He is the president for almost 319 million people.

  Some around me believe Trump will end up impeached. I hold no such hope. As much as I love my southern brothers and sisters, I have no faith in their better judgment. First, George W. Bush, to his own surprise, defeated Al Gore. Then, Bush won again after taking the US into a war he pretty much invented. The eight years of Obama came close to bringing me back around, but then Trump’s odious brand of shock and awe politics defeated Hilary and I stopped trusting anything or anyone bearing the stars and stripes. I don’t like lumping in the good ones with the dumb ones but the good ones apparently still can’t be trusted as they allowed this mess to happen.

 Alright, allow is a strong word. I am sure some folks tried their best to make sure the world’s creepy uncle wasn’t allowed to call himself the most powerful man in the world but Trump made it to the top anyway. Let’s say they failed horribly and thusly doomed the world. That sounds better, right?

 Anyway, I am scared. At least in gaming, I could play another game or even just not play. With Trump, there is nothing we, even as Canadians, can do but hope he is in a good mood when he asks (demands for) us to play with him.

 I’m done now.