More establishments are going with self-serve check-outs that do not deal with cash sales. Why would companies want in-store self-serve centers to make a convenient shopping pleasure for some of their customers, while inconveniencing the other percentage of their customers who are left waiting in long line ups, in some cases holding one item in their hand and cash in the other?

With less registers and cashiers to serve their customers, holding their debit card or cash in hand, this seems like an unfair practice for the store owners who are passing on an unneeded inconvenience to some of their customers.

Being one of those customers who makes your stores a thriving business success, I have no desire to use your in-store self-serve customer center at any time soon. Cash and carry is my way of going and making your business a success, while I get to talk and interact with a human being standing behind the cash register and earning a wage to provide for themselves and/or their families at home.

I have no proof to show that the in-store self-serve customer centers will take away anyone’s jobs, or take away cashier’s hours. In some cases, the self-serve in-store customer centers may be a benefit for customers with disabilities. It would allow them to move more quickly through with their items and endure less pain than needed.

Your in-store self-serve customer centers in your establishments may be here to stay, so please change your paying options by adding a cash machine that will except our cash and drop our outcoming change.

The customers is always right and what is right for some should be right for all.

Clarence Landry