MULGRAVE: Council is seeking legal advice in regards to the town’s water treatment facility.

Following last week’s regular monthly meeting of council for the Town of Mulgrave, Mayor Ralph Hadley said the town looking at taking legal action in hopes of bringing the facility online, which is still not fully operational.

“There is the issue of why we’re not able to operate the plant 24/7 yet,” said interim CAO Kevin Matheson.

“We’re trying to get [a solicitor] nailed down who’s an expert in the area. We haven’t retained anyone yet. I’ve been getting names so I can start the conversation.”

Matheson didn’t comment on which party or parties the legal action might involve.

The water treatment facility saw setback after set back. Back in June, Matheson said water pressure at the plant is supposed to be around 15 pounds per square inch (PSI) but was recorded as low as 6 PSI. Last week, Matheson said water pressure continues to be an issue for the facility.