Mulgrave now in ownership of tennis courts

MULGRAVE: The Mayor of Mulgrave says the town has formally taken ownership of the tennis courts.

Ralph Hadley said the deal officially closed on January 23 with the Diocese of Antigonish.

Following the regular monthly meeting of Mulgrave Town Council on February 4, Hadley said the transaction on the courts has been something the town had been working on for several years.

“It took a number of years with the Diocese of Antigonish to finally get this property in our hands, we were after them the last seven or eight years looking at trying to acquire that land,” he said. “I guess it took a while to [find deeds], get it surveyed and try to find what they owned and what we owned. It’s in our hands which is very good.”

Heather Brennan, Mulgrave’s recreation and physical activity coordinator, said despite the timeframe in acquiring the property, the town is happy to add the asset as it’s suited in an ideal and scenic location.

“Having this space is an asset to the town, it gives the community additional space to be active. We were able to offer tennis lessons for youth last summer and we hope to continue again this summer,” she said. “A facility such as this allows participants to maintain good health, build strength, as well as a great opportunity to socialize with others.”

Hadley noted the Town of Mulgrave, who had first refusal of the courts, purchased them for $12,100 after the diocese put it up for sale.

“It’s a big plus for our recreation, it’s a great piece of property, it has a nice tennis court and also a multi-purpose court on it also – all we need [are] a few more kids.”

He acknowledged the town had spent quite a bit of money in the last number of years on the courts as they had previously been leasing the land from the diocese.

Brennan highlighted how it’s rewarding to see people using and enjoying the great outdoor space it is knowing the town has worked hard to restore the courts back to their full potential.