Municipal accessibility committee becomes not-for-profit group

PORT HOOD: Inverness Municipal Council dissolved its accessibility committee, a group mandated to make the county more accessible to those with disabilities, but a new committee is already in place to take up the challenge.

Council decided to make this move as the result of Laurie Cranton’s prompting. Cranton, the councillor for Margaree and area, presented a report to council on the group last week.

“We recently had our Chair Leader event,” he said, explaining the event saw a number of local leaders spend a day in a wheelchair to see what the experience is like.

“As we were going through that event, we realized we can’t collect money on behalf of the municipality. Some of the goals of the committee are to bring in revenue, and we’re not allowed to do that as a municipal committee.”

As a result, council dissolved the municipal group with the intention of reforming as a not-for-profit group.

“It’ll be the same committee and the same members – everyone will still be there,” Cranton said, noting the committee will still work closely with the municipality.

“Nothing has really changed, but we’ll be able to do a little bit more as a not-for-profit society.”

The Chair Leader event was a success, Cranton said, as a number of people spent their day in a wheel chair. Councillor Jim Mustard was one of them, and Cranton said he found Mustard’s commitment commendable.