Municipality starts work on closure of old landfills

ARICHAT: The municipality is starting the process of formally closing former landfill sites.

During a special meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on August 1 in Arichat, Public Works director Chris Boudreau received council’s approval for up $60,000 to undertake engineering work to close one site in L’Ardoise and two locations in West Arichat.

Boudreau said this work will allow the municipality to make the formal application for the closure of the sites to the Department of Environment.

“We have three old sites where the normal close-out hasn’t happened,” Boudreau explained. “There’s been some work done over the years but not a formal process that was approved by [the department of] environment.”

Boudreau explained the engineering phase will involve replacing monitoring sites and assessing site depths.

“Basically getting elevation, topographical information,” he noted. “They’ll assess how much capping material is on the sites now because you need a minimum amount of impermeable soil on top of the sites.

“We have some monitoring wells, groundwater monitoring wells to install. Some of them were installed many years ago but they’re either damaged or couldn’t be found so they have to be reinstated.”

Boudreau added that once the province gives their approval to the closure plan, the municipality will prepare tender packages for the next phase.