Antigonish NDP candidate Moraig MacGillivray and NDP leader Gary Burrill are seen here during a stop by Burrill at MacGillivray’s campaign office in Antigonish on May 8.

ANTIGONISH: The NDP are making the rounds to get their voice heard.

Nova Scotia NDP leader Gary Burrill was in Antigonish on May 8 to meet with Antigonish NDP candidate Moraig MacGillivray and speak with organizers and supporters of her campaign. During his stop, Burrill spoke to the media about his plans and hopes during the current campaign.

One item Burrill mentioned was the repeal of Bill 75, the legislation which imposed a contract on Nova Scotia teachers earlier this year.

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Burrill said Bill 75 is “less than moral” and the NDP plans to remove it should they form government.

“Where you don’t have free and fair collective bargaining, you don’t have democracy,” said Burrill. “That’s why free and free and fair collective bargaining is protected in our national charter of rights.”

When asked about other parties unveiling plans for highway twinning, Burrill said he is glad a recent Liberal proposal incorporates the NDP ideals of having the highways owned by residents and honouring the principle of infrastructure in a community being the responsibility of the entire province.

“We’ve advocated no P3 [public private partnerships] and no tolls,” he said.

“When the twinning proposal was brought forward, we supported it and we support it not because it incorporates these two very important principles. The only difficulty is that had the McNeil Liberals not waited until 11 days before they called the election, the work that needs to be done would have the benefit of two whole construction seasons.”

Burrill also said that during the NDP’s turn in government from 2009-2013, the age for children receiving free dental care was raised to 14. He said the Liberals have since removed the NDP in favouring of eventually raising the age over time. Should the NDP form government, he said they will resume working on ensuring every child has free dental care.

As for helping the aging population of Nova Scotia retain its young people, Burrill pointed to the NDP plan to offer free tuition at all NSCC campuses.