New code of conduct approved despite opposition

ARICHAT: Although two councillors voted against it, councillors will be governed by a new code of conduct.

During the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on February 25 in Arichat, council approved a new Code of Conduct Policy, despite nay votes from Deputy Warden Brian Marchand and District 2 councillor Gilbert Boucher.

Marchand said since the municipality already has policies in place governing the behaviour of councillors, it would make more sense to change existing policies rather than adopting a new one.

“We already have one, and I just think we’re going policy-ed to death so I didn’t think we needed another one,” Marchand said following the meeting.

Richmond Warden Jason MacLean disagrees. He sees this as a reminder for how elected officials should act, and is a code which is more detailed and specific to Richmond County than the current policy.

“It does outline some areas, where if there was a breach of the code, that there are some things that can be done by the council and by the county,” the warden explained.

“I think it’s just another step to drive home a lot of important aspects like accountability, openness, trust; just some of those core values that come along with being a councillor.”